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Just a few more weeks…

May 21, 2017

Beautiful blossom cluster; ready for pollination.

The berry field is a sea of blooms, which is always a reassuring sight. This means a sea of berries in about a month, if all goes smoothly!


Last night, we had a frost advisory. In case of frost, we can irrigate to protect the blooms – the water freezes on the flowers, but it releases heat as it thaws, which keeps the blooms themselves above freezing. Our irrigation was all set up, and we tested to make sure everything worked – in case we had to scamper out at 2am and turn it on. All night long, we checked the temperature at the house – and it never fell below 41F, so we (and the berries) were fortunate!


This is the cute little guy we enjoyed on Saturday.

We were able to enjoy our first cucumber of the season on Saturday. We grow a few in the high tunnel in pots, alongside the tomatoes. I’d been keeping an eye on it for a while, waiting for it to be ready, and it did not disappoint. The last cucumber I ate was probably in October of last year, sometime just before our first frost… and the new fresh, sweet, crunchy, cucumberyness was pretty amazing.



May 2, 2017

Late April tomatoes, looking (and smelling) good.

Spring has finally sprung! Which means that lots is going on. Always plenty to do around here. First, the tomatoes are looking great – we’re on track for first fruit in mid-June. Speaking of June, that is right around when our PYO strawberries should be ready, too! Stay tuned for more info on those…

Second, the lambs. We have eleven of the little monsters, and every moment with them is a joy. (If anyone is looking for feeder lambs or to expand their flock, please do get in touch – we have some very nice lambs in the flock, and we can’t keep them all! See the Sheep & Lamb page for more info).

IMG_0119 (1).jpg

Troublemakers. Adorable troublemakers.

Third, the wool. After shearing is one of my favorite times of year – where I get to spend hours of time skirting fleeces, sorting out the best parts and admiring the colors, thinking about what I’ll do with each fleece.


Lovely crimpy fleece from our ram, Ziggy

And lastly, hope! After two years of no-peach-crop, things are looking promising for fruit this year on our little peach trees. It’s still early, but we have our fingers crossed!



Out like… lambs!

March 26, 2017

Little tomato plants, newly moved into 4″ pots, enjoying a sunny morning.

It really hasn’t been feeling like the end of March, but we expect that the warm weather will come eventually. Even so, the tomatoes are cranking right along, and this week we started the greenhouse up – so they have a bit more light (though sun would help).


Lambs have been arriving in rapid fire succession. Starting last Friday, five of our six ewes lambed within the week, delivering 9 beautiful healthy babies. They’re bouncing all over the place, and we are experiencing cuteness overload. Actually, is there any such thing? They’re sweet, and it’s a joyful time of year.

Fall is in the air

September 12, 2016

img_3154Along with September comes many of our favorite fall activities: canning tomatoes, freezing corn, harvesting everything: squash, pumpkins, onions, grapes. All of the firewood is split and stacked, safely under cover waiting for cold weather. And the barn is full of hay, so the sheep will have plenty to eat all winter.

Our other big fall project this year is a construction project – we’re adding a little addition onto the barn for the laying hens. It’s  coming along nicely, and it’s fun to see it take shape.

For the sheep, it’s breeding season. Our ram, Ziggy, is enjoying the cooler weather, and he seems to love his girls.

The only thing we’ve been missing is some rain – but hopefully the drought will break soon, and we’ll get the moisture that our pastures so very much need!

Tomato season!

June 18, 2016

Well, it’s been an embarrassingly long time since an update here on the farm page. But I guess it’s been a busy spring!

We have been planting and weeding our new strawberry field (which will be open for picking in 2017!), but there are no strawberries this season – hang in there for next year.

We’ve still been busy, however – and the tomatoes are ready!! Starting today, tomatoes will be available at the farm throughout the season. We’ve hung the open sign here at the farm and have red ripe beauties ready for your caprese salad, your BLT, your straight-up tomato sandwich… however you like to feature the taste of summer. Come by and visit – we hope to see you soon!



February 5, 2016

Yesterday, it felt like April. 50 degrees after dark, windy and balmy. We talked about whether the sap was running, and whether we should be tapping our trees. But this morning, snow! Surprise snow, that just kept coming, most of the day. Making a beautiful soft blanket. And then the storm clouds moved on, and the late afternoon sun shone on this splendor of new snow.


‘Tis the season

December 6, 2015

It may be a unseasonably warm, but that isn’t going to stop us from a little seasonal decorating. Winter will come soon enough! The barn is decked out as well as the house, because the sheep and hens enjoy a little festivity as much as the rest of us.