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Mid-summer madness

August 11, 2015

A colorful medley of okra, including ‘Louisiana Long Pod’, ‘Jambalaya’, and ‘Jing Orange’.

It’s been a good year for the garden, so the humans on the farm are in the midst of a frenzy of preserving summer’s bounty and eating as many fresh vegetables as we can. Okra! We love okra, and have tried a couple of new varieties this year – with great success. And cantaloupes! The first magnificent melons ripened last weekend, and we’ve been eating them just as fast as we can, so as to not waste a single one.

Meanwhile, the livestock on the farm are calm and contented, most of the time. The sheep occasionally get agitated, for example, when we walk by their pasture with loppers in hand. Loppers have been used to cut them special treats in the past, such as cauliflower or broccoli plants that have gone by, or over-mature sweet corn, and they REMEMBER this association. Our baby turkeys had some excitement about a month ago, when a wild baby turkey, separated from its’ flock, joined them for an afternoon. The baby wild turkey decided that it just wasn’t a good fit, and left shortly afterwards, in search of its’ own flock. Now our turkeys’ days are filled with eating, taking dust baths, and gazing at the air.

We are now taking orders for Thanksgiving turkey and fall lamb (which will be available starting in late September). If you’re interested, please check out our “lamb” or “turkey” pages, or give us a call.

Grazing, with a view of Parker Mountain

Grazing, with a view of Parker Mountain


June 20, 2015

Today is the day – we finally had enough beautiful, red, ripe organic tomatoes for a nice display here at the farm! From here on, we’ll have tomatoes every day, self-serve in the greenhouse. If you are looking for large quantities or a special order, please give a call before you come!



Welcome to summer

June 13, 2015
The first tomato of 2015

The first tomato of 2015.

It seems like so much changes every single day on the farm, this time of year. All the plants are growing so quickly (especially weeds!). This year’s lambs are growing beautifully, and the turkeys arrive next week. Today was a milestone day – our first tomato. It was ceremoniously consumed for lunch, and it was delicious. We expect to have tomatoes for sale at the farm in a week or so – please stay tuned, because we will update this page and our Facebook page once we’re open for the season. The strawberry field is in rotation this year, so we will not have berries for PYO. While we know this is disappointing, we will plant next year, and then will be open for picking again in June 2017. They are worth the wait!

Some of the 2015 lambs enjoying their lush pasture.

Some of the 2015 lambs enjoying their new pasture.

A still-new year

February 5, 2015

As I sit down to write the first New Year post of 2015, I realize that we are into February already. Well, it’s still a pretty-new year!

It’s been a lovely winter so far at the farm. While I know that there are those who feel that snow is best in small quantities (or absent), we love it. We love the little dug-deep paths that curve between the house and barn and shop and woodshed, and even out to the greenhouse (where we’re still harvesting greens and carrots). It feels cozy. And the snow is nice and deep, so our snowshoes are getting some use, and they feel very necessary.

Another joy of winter is concentrating on things that fall by the wayside when there are so many

Red choi in the greenhouse, late January

Red choi in the greenhouse, late January

outdoor tasks to do. For me, one of these has been updating our Etsy shop, which now contains lots of my handspun yarn and wool roving, but also my block-printed greeting cards. This is exciting for me because, while I’ve designed and printed these cards for friends for years, I’ve never quite gotten it together to make them more widely available. Now they are. Check it out!

Our seeds have been ordered and have arrived, and in another week or so we start our onions and our tomatoes. The growing season is creeping up quickly.

Robin, Ellie Mae, and Elaine

Robin (L), Ellie Mae (M), and Elaine (R), newborn triplets

We have welcomed our first lambs of 2015, too. A set of twins (Lauren and Joe), and then a set of triplets (Robin, Elaine and Ellie Mae).  I’m making sure they are getting lots of human affection.

*** update in August 2015 *** I managed to recreate the photo of the triplets, only this time the girls are all grown up and relaxing in the field. What a difference a few months make!

Ellie Mae (L), Elaine (M), and  Robin (R), all grown up

Ellie Mae (L), Elaine (M), and Robin (R), all grown up

End of berry season

June 21, 2014

The strawberry picking season at the farm has come to a close. We thank all of our customers for making this a great season!

Throughout  the summer, we’ll continue to have pre-picked organic tomatoes available here at the farm; they will be self-serve in the greenhouse. Stop by anytime – we’d love to see you.

The baby turkeys are growing, and are thoroughly enjoying learning about pasture and all the bugs and seeds they can find out there. If you’d like to reserve a Thankgiving turkey, or would like to discuss availability of lamb, please get in touch!


Berries start on saturday!

June 19, 2014

We’ve been out monitoring strawberry ripening carefully, and are enjoying a few of the earliest fruits for breakfast this morning.

We will open for PYO strawberries this Saturday, June 21, 8am-noon. We hope to be open again Sunday morning. Hours are subject to change, depending on how many people pick and how they are ripening. Before you come, please give us a call at 269-6203 and we’ll have an updated phone message so you know there’ll be plenty of ripe berries before you come!

Any questions, please email or call… look forward to seeing many of you soon!


Welcome to June!!

June 1, 2014

It’s a busy time on the farm, and it seems like all the plants are growing by leaps and bounds every day. This was a big work weekend – lots of the warm season crops (squashes, peppers, eggplants) are now in the ground, and tucked safely under rowcovers. The sheep are also doing their part, cheerfully moving around from pasture to pasture, making good use of the grass that has grown so well in May’s rainy cool weather.

Strawberries and tomatoes are both coming very soon! There are lots of berries out in the strawberry field, and still lots of blooms, too. We expect to open for picking around June 20, but please check back or give us a call (269-6203). We will keep an updated message on the answering machine, so you’ll always know when we’re opening and the current picking conditions.


A sea of blooms and little fruits in the strawberry field

A beautiful cluster, just about to ripen

A beautiful cluster, just about to ripen


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