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May 2, 2017

Late April tomatoes, looking (and smelling) good.

Spring has finally sprung! Which means that lots is going on. Always plenty to do around here. First, the tomatoes are looking great – we’re on track for first fruit in mid-June. Speaking of June, that is right around when our PYO strawberries should be ready, too! Stay tuned for more info on those…

Second, the lambs. We have eleven of the little monsters, and every moment with them is a joy. (If anyone is looking for feeder lambs or to expand their flock, please do get in touch – we have some very nice lambs in the flock, and we can’t keep them all! See the Sheep & Lamb page for more info).

IMG_0119 (1).jpg

Troublemakers. Adorable troublemakers.

Third, the wool. After shearing is one of my favorite times of year – where I get to spend hours of time skirting fleeces, sorting out the best parts and admiring the colors, thinking about what I’ll do with each fleece.


Lovely crimpy fleece from our ram, Ziggy

And lastly, hope! After two years of no-peach-crop, things are looking promising for fruit this year on our little peach trees. It’s still early, but we have our fingers crossed!



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