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Just a few more weeks…

May 21, 2017

Beautiful blossom cluster; ready for pollination.

The berry field is a sea of blooms, which is always a reassuring sight. This means a sea of berries in about a month, if all goes smoothly!


Last night, we had a frost advisory. In case of frost, we can irrigate to protect the blooms – the water freezes on the flowers, but it releases heat as it thaws, which keeps the blooms themselves above freezing. Our irrigation was all set up, and we tested to make sure everything worked – in case we had to scamper out at 2am and turn it on. All night long, we checked the temperature at the house – and it never fell below 41F, so we (and the berries) were fortunate!


This is the cute little guy we enjoyed on Saturday.

We were able to enjoy our first cucumber of the season on Saturday. We grow a few in the high tunnel in pots, alongside the tomatoes. I’d been keeping an eye on it for a while, waiting for it to be ready, and it did not disappoint. The last cucumber I ate was probably in October of last year, sometime just before our first frost… and the new fresh, sweet, crunchy, cucumberyness was pretty amazing.


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