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Spring is finally here!

May 14, 2018

I realize that I have been delinquent in posting here; a long winter came between my last post and this one. But finally, spring has arrived… and at this time of year, the farm changes from day to day as all the plants, in sequence, bloom and fade, set fruit, and grow.

The tomato tunnel is looking good, and super green. We still have our salad veggies growing in the middle – so we’re harvesting greens daily while we patiently wait for our cucumbers and tomatoes.


Eric, bearing a fresh salad to go with dinner – surrounded by tomatoes and cucumbers.


One good thing about a long winter – plenty of time to stay indoors and do some spinning. I’ve been working on creating quite a bit of hand-dyed and handspun yarn. A couple of days ago, I finally decided to wash it all up and hang it out to dry, and I’m super happy with how they look when all together. Colors!


Handspun yarn from our sheep – including undyed wool, a few synthetic dyes, and some experiments with cochineal and dahlia. Pretty!

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