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Summer = delicious.

July 20, 2018

Summer is upon us. The heat waves of the last few weeks sort of sapped our energy, but there’s no denying that the crops are generally pretty happy with the heat. Coupled with some much-needed rain earlier this week, things are growing well.

We had a wonderful strawberry season. It was so nice to see friends and neighbors, and of course, to enjoy strawberries in every possible way. Now that the season is over, we will plant cover crops on that field next year, getting ready to re-plant the next year, and finally have berries again in two years. It will be a long wait. But on the upside, the sheep have been enjoying grazing in the berry field after the fruit are gone – for them, I think the fact that it was off limits for 3 years makes it all the more enticing.

And tomatoes. We’re swimming in delicious tomatoes. Come on by if you’re craving some homegrown ripe tomatoes. For me, the combination of tomatoes, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt is perfection. One of our strawberry customers, originally from Italy, told us about a delicious concoction of tomato, tuna, olive oil, vinegar and salt – and we agree that it is wonderful. I love how we can learn new ways to savor and appreciate this quintessential taste of summer.


Ready for a delivery to Philbricks Fresh Market in Portsmouth, and Golden Harvest in Kittery. Yum!

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