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June update

June 13, 2019

Here we are in June. If you are interested in strawberries, please see our strawberry page. The short story: it’s a cover cropping/soil building year, and we won’t be open for picking this year! We’ll next have berries in 2020 (a long wait, but worth it). Those of you interested in tomatoes are in luck: the crop looks good, and they are ALMOST ready. I’ll post again when we’re open for business.

In other news, this is the time of year to take photos of the perennial gardens, and the time when every farm walk results in a glimpse of at least one new thing in bloom. And asparagus, at every meal.

After a trying spring with gardens that were very wet for a very long time, we were finally able to plant everything out into the gardens. While it’s hard not to be impatient, waiting for things to get growing, it’s also a time full of optimism for the gardening season. We’re especially hopeful for what looks like a very good sour cherry crop (we have two trees, which is enough for several pies … just perfect).


Little cherries, or as I like to call them, future pies. 

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